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Presswise presents a typical and intuitive online shopping experience, but this is a short tutorial if you need assistance. Sales representatives and customer service employees are well-versed on the system, so don't hesitate to call or email them if you need help. We can also provide a tutorial for you and other employees at your location, or here at Quality Press.


Click here to view orders that were previously placed or are in process. You can also view your ordering history.

Click on the order number at the left to view the current status. There's also an invoice icon to the right of the order number if you wish to view that. Orders will carry a thumbnail image of the product and a button for reordering. Once you are in the order, if it's waiting for approval, you would be able to approve or reject it here. It also details where and to whom we're shipping, and how it's being shipped and billed. There's a pdf link that allows you to view or download a pdf of the print file.


This page contains printed products exclusive to your company. The tabs are customizable to whichever categories or names are most meaningful to you. Click on the appropriate tab and then on the product to to order it. If applicable, inventory levels will appear under the product image.

All of the items in the catalog are live templates where you can enter information, generate a proof, and place the order. You can populate fields with new information, then click "update image" so that you view the printed piece with the edits, and then "pdf proof," review, approve, re-edit, etc.


There are benefits to uploading files here rather than emailing or using a third-party file transfer. The file size limit is large (1gig) and it automatically notifies several Quality Press employees that there's been an artwork upload under your account name. At that point, any of us can access and view those files from wherever we are. For information regarding preparing files for print, click on the File Spec tab.


There are administrative options to change your login, profile, and secure password.

The Shopping Cart icon at the top gives you another option to get back to your cart. You'll also find transactions you may have begun, but have not yet completed.

Orders can be sorted based upon who placed the order, or you can view them all, no matter what the origin.